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ENCORE: Florida History and Folklore Researcher and Author Mark Muncy Explores Monsters, Murder and Mystery

Kevin Dooley via Flickr creative commons

With Halloween just days away, we listen back to our 2018 conversation exploring some of Florida’s strangest tales of the macabre, murder, monsters and mystery with author and Florida history and folklore researcher Mark Muncy. Many of the stories highlighted in the conversation originated here in Southwest Florida. Muncy is the owner of Hellview Cemetery in St. Petersburg and author of several books on the topic including “Eerie Florida: Chilling Tales from the Panhandle to the Keys,” “Freaky Florida: The Wonderhouse, the Devi’s Tree, the Shaman of Philippe Park, and More,” and “Creepy Florida: Phantom Pirates, the Hog Island Witch, the Demented Doctor at the Don Vicente & More.”