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Cape Coral Artist Lesley Morrow prepares solo exhibition at Arts for ACT Gallery

Southwest Florida-based artist Lesley Morrow’s distinctive contemporary portraiture explores themes of the feminine experience. A description of her oil, acrylic, airbrush and mixed media works ahead of her 2020 show “The Feminine Mystique” at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center describes Morrow’s art as “capturing not only the strength she sees in these women and their faces, but also the chaos behind the façade, she has mastered this duality in her painting. Through the body of her work you can see a roadmap, almost a narrative, of the pieces of her psyche in such a way as to find her own core strength.”

Morrow is currently preparing a solo exhibition of new works that will open in January at the Arts for ACT Gallery titled “Esprit d’Ambiance.”

Ahead of a new exhibition the artist joins us to explore her work and provide insight into her artistic process.