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Artist Pam Longobardi highlights the dangers of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans through exhibition at Artis-Naples

Plastic pollution in our planet’s oceans isn’t just a threat to marine life and marine environments. It also contributes to climate change and threatens human health.

Conceptual artist, educator, advocate, archaeologist and forensic scientist Pam Longobardi has been using found ocean plastics as the primary source material for her visual art since she founded the Drifters Project in 2006 and her work has been featured in solo exhibitions throughout the country and internationally.

Believing plastic to be the defining geologic marker of our current age, Longobardi’s work challenges audiences to more deeply consider plastic and its long-lasting negative impacts.

An installation of her work titled, “Ocean Gleaning,” is now on display in the Baker Museum at Artis-Naples through July 24. We’ll hear a conversation with the artist recorded on location at the Baker Museum.