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Encore: The Swamp Rats perform live in studio

Swamp Rats with Layla.jpg
Tara Calligan
Florida phantom folk band the Swamp Rats in the performance studio with precious doggo and band mascot Layla. Their style is “folk with an edge” infusing blues, bluegrass and punk rock influences. Band members Scotty Crow and Andy Starkey.

This episode originally aired on February 10, 2022.

We hear original music recorded live in-studio by the Florida phantom folk duo the Swamp Rats. Their music is “folk with an edge” blending tight vocal harmonies with elements of blues, bluegrass, metal and punk rock. We explore creating music, visual art and touring the American South with band members Scotty Crow (vocals, guitar, cajón) and Andy Starkey (vocals, banjo).

"High Horse" original song performed by Swamp Rats in the gulf Coast Life performance studio.

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