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Florida Post-Legislative Session Analysis

LOOIZ/ Flickr Creative Commons

Florida’s 2023 annual legislative session ended last Friday with a record $117 billion budget. With Republican supermajorities in both the state house and senate, many of Governor Ron DeSantis’ priority legislation sailed through the legislative process including a six-week abortion ban, a number of bills concerning LGBTQ+ issues, loosening of firearm restrictions, a massive expansion of the state’s school voucher program, new restrictions on voter registration initiatives, a number of proposals preempting local government control, and much more.

Political Science professor and Chair of Florida Gulf Coast University’s College of Arts and Sciences Roger Green, Ph.D., and Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the University of Central Florida’s School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs Aubrey Jewett, Ph.D. join us to explore what bills passed, what didn’t and what it will mean for Florida going forward.