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Pine Island Artists Deb Zwetsch and Zan Lombardo present collaborative exhibition “We Contain Multitudes”

The Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers is hosting a collaborative exhibition of works by visual artists and Pine Island residents Deb Zwetsch and Zan Lombardo through Feb. 24 titled “We Contain Multitudes.” The exhibition has been more than a year in the making. Pieces in the show, including liquid silk dyes, watercolor and mixed media, are largely inspired by Southwest Florida’s unique subtropical flora and fauna.

The artists’ statement for the exhibition states in part, “The title ‘We Contain Multitudes’ is a take on Walt Whitman’s ‘I contain multitudes,’ from his poem ‘Song of Myself.’ He discusses the dichotomy of thought. How can one hold conflicting and opposite views (Do I contradict myself?) within their mind and heart?

This duality creates art. The dark and light, ugly and beautiful, sitting side by side, becomes a whole larger than its parts. As black and white prove each other; the juxtaposition of opposites is the essence of creation.”

Zwetsch and Lombardo join us in studio for a deeper dive into the exhibition and to explore their individual and collaborate creative approaches.

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