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Players Circle Theater performs Pulitzer and Tony award-winning drama “Proof.”

"Proof" cast from left are Angela Watson (Claire), John McKerrow (Robert), Steven Coe (Hal) and Chloe Elliott-Chan (Catherine)
Players Circle Theater
'proof' cast from left are Angela Watson (older sister), John McKerrow (the dad), Steven Coe (Hal) and Chloe Elliott-Chan (Catherine).

 Players Circle Theater in Fort Myers is mounting a production of David Auburn’s Pulitzer and Tony award-winning mystery/drama “Proof.,” through March 3.

It’s the story of a young woman, Catherine, grieving the loss of her famous mathematician father who she cared for as he struggled with mental health challenges in his final years. Her older sister, Claire, returns home to help settle family affairs when one of their father’s old students, Hal, discovers a groundbreaking new mathematical proof in a notebook in their family home. At this point the question becomes “who authored the proof?” The play’s engaging narrative tackles themes of complex family dynamics like father-daughter and sibling relationships, mental illness, the nature of genius, sexism in academia and the power of love.

We take a closer look at the play in a conversation with Players Circle Theater co-founder and Producing Artistic Director Bob Cacioppo and actor Steven Coe, who plays the role of Hal.