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Alternatives for Citrus: Florida’s Olive and Peach Industries

Chris Fannin via Flick / Wikimedia Creative Commons

Look for Florida Peaches and Florida Olives on store shelves soon! The term ‘Florida Agriculture’ typically brings to mind the state’s $9 billion a year citrus industry or the myriad vegetable varieties that make up the bulk of the nation’s domestic produce in the winter, but Florida olives and peaches are now growing industries in the state.  

As the bacterial disease greening continues to ravage citrus groves, growers are looking more to these types of alternatives.  We’ll learn more about growing peaches and olives in the state’s subtropical growing regions.


Michael O’Hara Garcia, President of the Florida Olive Council, Inc.

Mercy Olmstead, PhD., Researcher/Professor with the University of Florida’s Horticultural Sciences Dept.