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Term Limits

It’s been more than two decades since voters approved a ballot measure instituting term limits in the Florida Legislature. Since then, state lawmakers have had a hard cap of eight years in either the Florida House or Florida Senate.

The campaign to bring term limits to Florida promised more competitive and diverse elections. Proponents also said term limits would foster a citizen Legislature that was more representative government in the Sunshine State.

However, a new book from the University Press of Florida entitled, “The Failure of Term Limits in Florida,” makes the case that term limits haven’t actually accomplished everything proponents promised.

In fact, author and Florida International University Professor Kathryn DePalo writes that term limits have had a lot of negative consequences for elections and policymaking in state.Guest: Author, Kathryn DePalo

Ashley Lopez is a reporter forWGCUNews. A native of Miami, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a journalism degree.