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Gulf Coast LIVE: 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Myers

Southwest Florida Museum of History
2nd U.S. Colored Infantry who fought for the Union in the Battle of Fort Myers

February 20 marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Myers in the American Civil War. Fort Myers served as a base for Union forces who were raiding cattle and other supplies headed to Confederate troops fighting further North.

The Fort also became a refuge for escaped slaves and Union sympathizers facing persecution from secessionists. The one-day battle pitted Union troops, including a company of black soldiers, against members of the Confederacy’s Cattle Guard Battalion who fought to protect supply lines coming from Florida.

We’ll explore what actually occurred during the battle, along with a look at what life was like in Southwest Florida at that time and the state’s broader role in the Civil War. We’ll also learn about various community events commemorating the anniversary, including historical exhibits, lectures and tours. 


Robert Macomber, Author, Historian, Lecturer, TV Commentator and Defense Consultant

Jim Powers, Research Historian with the Southwest Florida Museum of History