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Calls for Safe Roads, Smart Growth ahead of Transportation Summit

Bike Walk Lee

In a state among the deadliest in the nation for bicyclists and pedestrians, Southwest Florida ranks among the most dangerous parts of the state for those on the road who aren't behind the wheel.

In a survey of 2015 cases, Lee Memorial found accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists were among its top five sources for traumatic injuries. Between medical costs and work loss damages, the price tag for these injuries tops $3 billion nationwide.

Casualties and costs are both cited in calls to rethink the region's roads, and how all road users access and navigate around Southwest Florida. Ahead of a regional transportation summit planned for Sept. 29-30, we’ll examine the latest numbers and what they say about efforts to make southwest Florida roads safer. We’ll also discuss similar challenges, and some of the engineering solutions, seen in cities ranging from Orlando to Toronto.