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Medical Marijuana and Amendment 2

Mark via Flickr Creative Commons

Medical marijuana is back on the ballot in Florida. Amendment 2 could expand access to the drug for some severely ill patients in the state.

Supporters of the constitutional amendment say it would provide access to medicine those patients can’t currently get under Florida's existing medical marijuana program. Critics, however, say Amendment 2 has several loopholes that would open the door to legal pot smoking.

What does a vote "for" or "against" Amendment 2 mean? We'll explore all facets of the issue going before voters this election.


  • Dr. Jonathan Daitch, a physician who provides medical marijuana under Florida's existing program and is opposed to Amendment 2
  • June Cutright, a Fort Myers woman suffering from multiple sclerosis who supports Amendment 2
  • Ben Pollara, the campaign manager for Amendment 2
  • Barney Bishop, a lobbyist with the Florida Smart Justice Alliance opposed to Amendment 2
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