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On Arbor Day, Expert Advice on Tree Threats from Fire to Hurricanes

Photo: Pixabay via Public Domain

Tree care in Florida is different from tree care up north, and on Arbor Day on Gulf Coast Live, an ISA Certified Arborist from Naples shares his expertise on how to handle our trees’ unique needs.

Friday at 1:30 p.m., Ian Orlikoff with Signature Tree Care joins the program to talk about signs of stressed trees and what you can do to nurse a tree back to health. He'll also explain what homeowners need to know when it comes to protecting their homes and trees from threats ranging from recent wildfires, and how they can make trees unstable, to how property owners can prepare in advance of hurricane season.

We’ll also discuss about how pruning helps, what nutrients are needed for different trees, how to combat pests, and a lightning protections system to keep valuable trees standing.  

Matthew Smith is a reporter and producer of WGCU’s Gulf Coast Live.
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