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Recent Rain Brings Out Cane Toads, a Poisonous Threat to Pets

Photos: Wikimedia Creative Commons

While most of the complaints about Southwest Florida's recent rainy weather center on the comeback of the annoying mosquito, the rain brings out another animal that can pose a serious threat to dogs: the cane toad, whose poison glands can sicken pets. Even the tadpoles can be highly toxic if ingested. 

Dog trainer Tony Lampert from The Upbeat K-9 joins Gulf Coast Live to discuss a program he’s presenting along with Kevin Cafarelli from Wild Heart Ecojourneys. It’s called “Recall in the Wild," and it's a safety seminar taking place this weekend for people planning to hike Florida’s trails with their dogs.

They'll offer a guided tour of Florida’s more unpredictable fauna and offer tips on ways to keep your pet, and yourself, safe.

Matthew Smith is a reporter and producer of WGCU’s Gulf Coast Live.