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Education Equity: Florida Educators Flag Barriers to Learning

Photo: Public Domain via Pixabay

A national survey of more than 4,700 public school educators singled out state-by-state barriers to a good education. Florida teachers say family engagement, home internet access, and reading outside of school are key to learning. But teachers in the Sunshine State were also more likely to spend money out of their own pocket for classroom materials, despite Florida schools getting more discretionary funds from local PTAs and school districts.

Michael Haggen, the chief academic officer for Scholastic Education, joins the program to discuss the national study and what factors Florida teachers say are working, and are lacking, in their schools. 

Also joining the program is Leonardo Garcia, the founder of the Multicultural Centre of Southwest Florida, the discuss his organization's efforts to support Lee County students as they prepare to head back to school. He'll also talk about the centre's upcoming Big Backpack Event on Sunday, Jul. 30, which aims to provide some of those classroom needs for students before they return for a new school year.

Matthew Smith is a reporter and producer of WGCU’s Gulf Coast Live.