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An Update on Abigail


In February, we brought you the story of a three-year-old pit bull mix- who was believed to have been used as a bait dog in an illegal and barbaric dogfighting ring. She was rescued, but not before her ear and half of her face was mangled by other dogs who—it’s believed—were being trained to fight using her as a kind of punching bag.  

Abigail was in bad shape when Victoria Frazier from the dog rescue group “Love is Fur Ever” found her and brought her to Estero Veterinarian, Dr. Thomas Jackson. But since then, she’s healed completely, she’s been adopted into her forever home, and she’s now won by popular vote the title of “Emerging Hero” from the American Humane Hero Dog Awards.  She and six other dogs who won in their categories, like therapy dogs or rescue dogs, will travel to a gala event in California next month which will be televised nationally on the Hallmark channel.  It’s there where the overall winner will be announced- and that is determined by on-line voting.  

If Abigail wins, she’ll be awarded with 5-thousand dollars towards a charity of her choice, and she’s planning to donate to Dogs on Deployment - a non profit that arranges foster care for pets of soldiers who are deployed overseas.

Back when Abigail’s story first hit the news, Dr. Michelle Chargot with Arthrex in North Naples got an idea. A new product Arthrex had come up with might be able to help her heal.

“Jump Start” is a new kind of wound dressing developed by a team led by David Shepard, and it was just what Abigail needed.

In February, we invited Dr. Michelle Chargot and David Shepard from Arthrex into the studio. We also had Victoria Frazier in the studio along with the star and hero herself, Miss Abigail.  Today we’ll listen to that storyagain.