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“Cool Dead Women” Podcast

Blair Waters (left) and Erika Waters (right), hosts of the podcast "Cool Dead Women"

We sit down with the mother/daughter team behind the new podcast “Cool Dead Women.”  The first episode premiered earlier this year on Ms. Magazine’s blog and now they’re putting out regular episodes available through iTunes and Spotify.  The podcast is researched, produced and hosted by author, professor, editor and historian Erika Waters, Ph.D., along with her daughter Blair Waters.  

Blair is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, musician and music journalist.  As Erika writes, the podcast is all about their “mission to rescue these women’s lives from oblivion.”  Episodes so far have included the story of a spy who used ‘sexpionage’ to help Allied forces win World War II, a young scientist who discovered an early cure for leprosy and a pre-Bob Dylan singer songwriter who disappeared without a trace.  The newest episode of the podcast concerns the America South’s first elected Mayor, Marian Newhall, from right here in Southwest Florida.  We’ll also explore Blair’s first short film, Princess Rita, which was shot in Marco Island.