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We Talk with an Immigation Attorney About the end of TPS Status for Haitians


A 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the island country of Haiti in 2010. The United States granted many Haitians refuge, allowing them to work, send their children to school, and hold mortgages on homes as a part of their Temporary Protected Status. Recently, President Donald Trump set a July 22, 2019 deadline to end the Haitian people’s TPS status. Haitians under TPS have six months to make arrangements to leave the country. Join us as we speak with Indera DeMine, an immigration attorney who has aided those who are directly affected by TPS expiration date.

Credit Rachel Iacovone / WGCU
Haitian TPS recipients by gender

WGCU has created a series of interactive graphics, looking at the demographics of Haitian TPS recipents in the U.S., Florida and Collier and Lee Counties. Click on each highlighted word for a breakdown by gender and work, poverty or insured status.