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“Do Morals Matter? Presidents and Foreign Policy.”

Chatham House
Professor Joseph Nye and Dr Robin Niblett at Chatham House in 2013

We’re getting a preview of a lecture on Saturday, January 25th at Florida Gulf Coast University called “Do Morals Matter? Presidents and Foreign Policy.” The title comes from the lecture's title of the latest book by our guest, Dr. Joseph Nye, who is a University Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus and former Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

From 1977 to 1979 Dr. Nye was Deputy to the Undersecretary of State for Security Assistance, Science, and Technology, and chaired the National Security Council Group on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons. During the Clinton Administration he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, and chaired the National Intelligence Council.
His more than a dozen books include "The Future of Power", "The Power Game: A Washington Novel", and most recently "Do Morals Matter? Presidents and Foreign Policy from FDR to Trump" which works through each presidency from FDR to Donald Trump and scores their foreign policy on three ethical dimensions of their intentions, the means they used, and the consequences of their decisions.