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A Conversation with the Founder of the Nonprofit Democracy Cafe

Tara Calligan / WGCU
Dr. Christopher Phillips

We’re sitting down with Dr. Christopher Phillips, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Democracy Cafe, which is dedicated to creating a more connected, understanding and participatory world. Its flagship Socrates Cafe and Democracy Cafeinquiry initiatives happen all over the United States, and the world over, with recently established groups in countries like Saudi Arabia, India, South Korea, Germany, and Poland.

He’s written a number of books, including the international bestseller "Socrates Cafe: A Fresh Taste of Philosophy," and most recently, "A Child at Heart: Unlocking Our Creativity, Curiosity and Reason at Every Age and Stage of Life." He’s also published two children's books "Day of Why," and "The Philosophers' Club."


Dr. Phillips has been a Network Ethics Fellow at Harvard University, the first ever Senior Education Fellow at the National Constitution Center, and Senior Research and Writing Fellow at University of Pennsylvania. He travels the globe giving presentations, workshops, and facilitating inquiries. He was in town to hold several Socrates Cafes, so we sat him down in the studio to learn more about him and his work.


You can hear the extended conversation here.