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New Year's Resolutions Take on Greater Meaning in 2021

Darcy Eikenberg of RedCapeRevolution.com Leadership & Career Coach, Speaker, Author.png
Darcy Eikenberg
Darcy Eikenberg
Darcy Eikenberg is a Career Coach from Bonita Springs, FL who works with clients all over the U.S.

Every year, January is the month of resolutions but this year, people may be looking for greater change. We talk with a career coach about how to do it right.

People have been keeping and recording time since the Neolithic era - and now with the Gregorian calendar- we are turning the page to a new year. While it is the traditional time for taking toll of one’s life and setting goals for the new year, 2021 may be a little different.

So today we talk with Darcy Eikenberg, a career coach headquartered in Bonita Springs who works with clients around the U.S.

This is more than a new year’s resolution show, because at the end of a year like 2020, resolutions may be as simple as changing out of pajamas at least three times a week.

Or maybe the resolution is to quit rage scrolling on social media and spend less time looking at screens. After all we were forced to all last year be it for school, work meetings, or even holidays with loved ones.

Spending so much time all alone last year may have people thinking of big changes this year, like chucking it all and going off the grid.

So as we take that personal inventory and make plans to improve our lives- we get some advice from a person who is professionally certified to guide these musings, dreams, hopes, and cravings.