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Season of the Osprey from PBS offers a unique look at the incredible raptors found in Southwest Florida

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Nature PBS
A veteran pair of ospreys return home to a Connecticut saltmarsh. Over one summer they must battle their enemies, withstand the elements, and hunt hundreds of fish, all to raise the next generation of these consummate sea hawks.

Season of the Osprey from Nature PBS brings viewers into the life of the incredible raptor with a depth and intimacy never before attempted. Following the struggles, failures and triumphs of a single osprey family in Connecticut over the course of a summer, filmmaker Jacob Steinberg achieved unlimited access to an osprey nest and offers a rich look at this unique species known for its life-long partnerships, dynamic social interactions and masterful hunting prowess.

“Osprey are beloved birds, and yet they lacked a definitive wildlife film. The moment I began observing the family that would become the film’s iconic subjects, I knew theirs was a story that would resonate with Nature viewers.”
Jacob Steinberg

We learn about ospreys and the place they hold in Southwest Florida’s ecosystem.