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Florida 2022 General Election Analysis

Flickr Creative Commons
Erik (HASH) Hersman

Florida emerged as an outlier nationally in last week’s general election with Republicans winning every state-wide race and gaining four seats in the U.S. house. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ victory over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist was decisive at nearly 20 points compared to his narrow gubernatorial victory four years ago.

The GOP won almost every battleground race and unseated two incumbent Democrats. Republicans also dominated in state legislative contests gaining a 28-12 supermajority in the Senate that, for effectively gives the party near total-power to enact its priorities in the 2023 legislative session. We’ll get analysis of the 2022 general election with a look toward what the results will mean for Florida going forward in a conversation with University of Central Florida political scientist Aubrey Jewett, Ph.D., and Florida Gulf Coast University Political Scientist Peter Bergerson, Ph.D.