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Ryan Hass - Is the United States Destined for War?

As the United Sates looks ahead at possible relations with China, 2022 appears to be facing continuing conflict. Leadership in China is tightening its grip domestically and the last independent newspaper in Hong Kong closed today, January 3rd, 2022. Chairman Xi appears to have continued his human rights campaign against the Uyghurs, forced labor is also a continuum and the subject of Mr. Hass’ presentation today, centering on Taiwan, is a source of great concern.

A renewal of leadership abroad with the United States at the helm should engender a reduction of mistrust and cooperation with the “Quad” [India, Japan, Australia and the US] those countries being part of a huge security dialogue which includes climate change, global vaccinations, accountability for human rights and raising a large and clear voice against Asian racism and xenophobia.

What is the road ahead for Taiwan? Please join us for a presentation by Mr. Hass as China’s grip is tightening.

Mr. Hass focuses his research and analysis on enhancing policy development on the pressing political, economic, and security challenges facing the United States in East Asia.

From 2013 to 2017, Hass served as the director for China, Taiwan and Mongolia at the National Security Council (NSC) staff. In that role, he advised President Obama and senior White House officials on all aspects of U.S. policy toward China, Taiwan, and Mongolia, and coordinated the implementation of U.S. policy toward this region among U.S. government departments and agencies. Prior to joining NSC, Hass served as a Foreign Service Officer in U.S. Embassy Beijing, where he earned the State Department Director General’s award for impact and originality in reporting, an award given annually to the officer whose reporting had the greatest impact on the formulation of U.S. foreign policy. Hass also served in Embassy Seoul and domestically in the State Department Offices of Taiwan Coordination and Korean Affairs. Hass received multiple Superior Honor and Meritorious Honor commendations during his 15-year tenure in the Foreign Service.