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Celebrate 20 Years of With the Wild Things with Dr. Jerry Jackson

Julia Bonavita

For the past 20 years WGCU listeners have been informed about the world around them here in Southwest Florida by Dr. Jerry Jackson’s With the Wild Things

Every weekday morning at 7:19, every week of the year, Dr. Jackson – a world-renowned wildlife biologist and ornithologist – has explored the animals and plants that inhabit this area’s beaches, swamps, preserves, and even our own backyards. He has helped to create context for listeners about the flora and fauna that makes this part of the world unique.

Dr. Jackson is professor emeritus of Ecological Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University, and professor emeritus at Mississippi State University. Over his more than 50-year career, he's publishing scores of reviewed papers, and published or contributing to hundreds of articles. He was also principle scientist, and appeared in, the feature-length movie Ghost Bird, which explores the Ivory-billed woodpecker, a species that is possibly extinct but whose continued existence remains highly debated.
We’re sitting down with Dr. Jackson as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of With the Wild Things.