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Defining “weed” is easy: It’s an “unloved” plant. Identifying weeds is a bit more difficult – and we have learned that way too easily – by bringing home what seem to be desirable plant seeds, cuttings, seedlings, or even full-grown potted plants after a trip to a foreign country or even a neighboring state. Federal and sometimes state laws forbid such actions. In addition, if you have been hiking elsewhere, check your clothes for seeds that have become attached. Plants such as Bidens are able to secure their own transportation. Check your clothes and remove attached seeds before heading home. Finally, the internet is rich with exotic-invasive plants such as Wedelia – also known as “Creeping Oxeye” -- available for sale to be shipped to your door. Beware of names like “creeping”! Many exotics are “good groundcover” or have beautiful blooms. But before purchasing, check elsewhere on the internet to learn if they are known invasive-exotics. Don’t introduce an exotic monster to your neighborhood.