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  • Florida Gulf Coast University will soon be presenting its fourth Cannabis Professional Certificate Program that focuses on things like cannabis history, laws and policies relating to the plant, and cannabis as a business. And, it's going entirely online this time. We're joined by Dr. Martha Rosenthal, professor of neuroscience and physiology and Director of FGCU’s Cannabis Research, Education, and Workforce initiative to learn more.
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed HB 233 into law on June 22. Under the new law, the Florida Board of Education will require Florida’s public colleges to survey students, faculty, and staff every year to assess “the intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity” at each institution. We spoke with Florida Gulf Coast University President, Dr. Mike Martin, to get his take.
  • When our guest today came to Florida Gulf Coast University in 2007 the school didn’t even have a minor in entrepreneurship. But she immediately went to work to change that and is still here today working to grow the program. Dr. Sandra Kauanui is now Director of the FGCU School of Entrepreneurship. Since its founding in 2016 the school has rapidly grown. Its mission is to infuse an entrepreneurial mindset all across the university by offering an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship major, minor, and graduate certificate.
  • While Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador — better know as simply AMLO — was not on the ballot during the country’s recent midterm elections on June 6, they were seen as a referendum on his performance during the first half of his six-year term, and his party did lose some power.
  • An art installation honoring people who have died from Covid-19 was unveiled Tuesday on the library lawn at FGCU.
  • 'Black excellence' comments at a Florida Gulf Coast University Student Government meeting lead to a protest on campus this week.
  • Thanksgiving break means many students will travel home for the holidays so universities across the country are planning to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
  • Three Greek organizations and four students have been suspended for failing to follow COVID protocols at FGCU.
  • State health officials reported 2,541 new COVID-19 cases, Thursday bringing Florida's total to 693,040 cases. The Florida Department of Health also reported 177 new coronavirus-related deaths, Sept. 24, increasing the statewide death toll to 13,961 fatalities.Of the 5,186,646 COVID-19 tests that have been reported in Florida so far, the overall positivity rate has reduced to 13.36% and the latest single-day positivity rate fell to 4.44% after rising about the five percent threshold in the previous two days.
  • New research shows that discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace has profound effects on the baby and the mother.