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Public Art in Fort Myers

15 hours ago

The city of Fort Myers’ public art collection dates back to 1913 and today includes 68 outdoor artworks.  These pieces serve as familiar landmarks for local residents, but many who pass by them regularly don’t know much about their rich history and the meanings behind them.  We’ll embark on a closer exploration of public art in Fort Myers and the importance of public art with the city’s public art consultant, author, historian and journalist Tom Hall.  We’ll also speak Eric Feinstein who created the mobile app Otocast.  The city’s public art committee has subscribed to this free app, which facilitates users’ self-guided tours highlighting Fort Myers public art collection.

Jesi Cason Photography

Southwest Florida-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer and arranger Kyle Anne Duggan performs live in studio!  She’ll be featured in the final installment of this season’s “Noteworthy Showcase: Songwriter Stories” at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in downtown Fort Myers March 22. /

Robert Macomber, a Pine Island-based maritime author, is the mind behind the character Peter Wake, a fictional American Naval Officer. In Macomber newest novel, “Honoring the Enemy,” the reader follows Naval Officer Peter Wake’s experiences in 1898 when American sailors, Marines, and soldiers landed in eastern Cuba and fought their way to victory against daunting odds, changing the world forever.

“Honoring the Enemy” is Macomber’s 14th novel in his award-winning “Honor Series” of historical naval thrillers. He joins us in the studio today to discuss the details of his newest novel.

The Southwest Florida-based alternative rock band Perfect Sequence joins us in studio for a live performance!  The band’s high-energy sound also blends elements of grunge, bluesy jazz and synth-pop.  Their debut EP “The New Beginning” dropped in 2014 and their latest EP “Awaken” came out in 2017.  Perfect Sequence currently includes members Caleb Vilca (lead vocals & guitar), Brendan DuBois (bass & vocals), Todd Sloan (guitar) and Skyler Lapham (drums).

Taste of Immokalee

While most home chefs may fancy their salsa as worthy of a slot on a grocery store shelf, there is one local group that took that inspiration and turned it into not only a business but a teaching non-profit that serves up spice and inspiration. Taste of Immokalee is a student-run initiative that teaches high school kids about business, the food industry, and marketing, among other things. We're joined by Yvelande Astreid, she's assitant to the Taste of Immokalee executive director, and Marthe August, a junior at Immokalee High School.