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Three Song Stories: Robert Green

8 hours ago
Mike Kiniry / WGCU

Normally on Thursdays we focus on the local arts scene, but with most of it on hold, and with the entire WGCU radio team working from home, for now we’re going to start broadcasting episodes of the WGCU podcast Three Song Stories. This week we’re harkening back to episode 72 which originally aired on July 26, 2019. Robert Green is the official campus greeter at Florida Gulf Coast University, and a man who strives in every moment to put positivity into the world and bring people together.

Claire Liparulo and Kyle Anne photos by Jesi Cason Photography

Ongoing response to the coronavirus pandemic has largely brought Southwest Florida’s arts and culture offerings to a grinding halt. Still, local artists practicing social distancing and self-isolation are doing what they can to keep performing and stay connected through social media.

Player Circle Theatre

The inaugural season of Players Circle Theatre continues with the company’s upcoming production of the “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.”  The play is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by British author Mark Haddon.

The story centers on the perspective of its lead character, a 15-year-old math savant seemingly on the autism spectrum, who embarks on an investigation into the murder of his neighbor’s dog and ends up discovering some much more impactful truth about his own life and family.

Dario Acosta

The Punta Gorda Symphony’s classical concert series continues Sunday evening with a program featuring composer Kenneth Fuchs’ Piano Concerto “Spiritualist,” featuring soloist Jeffrey Biegel.  The world premiere recording of this work, which also featured Biegel with the London Symphony Orchestra, garnered a Grammy Award for Best Classical Compendium.

Our annual solar calendar is based on Earth’s revolution around the Sun, which takes 365 days to complete.  Actually, a full revolution takes 365 days and about six hours; That’s why every four years we compensate for that lag by adding an extra day to the month of February known as Leap Day.  Saturday, February 29 will mark just such a day.  Cultures and folk traditions the world over have developed their own beliefs and customs regarding Leap Day, many of which concern romantic love.  So, just ahead of Leap day and on the heels of Valentine’s Day, Sanibel Poet Joe Pacheco brings us a love poem, just for Leap Day.