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FL Director of Emergency Management Talks About Invest 99


Invest 99 hasn't developed into a tropical storm yet. And the national hurricane center says it may not until Saturday. By then, though, it could be quickly approaching south Florida. Meteorologist Jeff Huffman sat down with Florida's Director of Emergency Management Bryan Koon earlier today to find out how the state is preparing.The waiting game continues. To folks like Bryan Koon and his staff, there is no waiting. Emergency managers are already preparing for what could happen. Not only is the unknown of where it might go a challenge, timing is also on his mind.

When it comes to considering what may happen in your community from invest 99, Koon says we don’t have to wait for a cone.

None of us like waiting. But there has been no official forecast on invest 99 yet, other than it could cause some heavy rain and gusty winds to parts of Florida. It’s just too early. That’s why Koon says be careful what you see and share.

According to their 2 pm update, the national hurricane center says there is still a “high” chance invest 99 will develop, but maybe not until Saturday.