Deadline Looms for Financial Disclosure Forms

Sep 4, 2012

Tonight is the deadline for Florida’s elected leaders and government employees to file financial disclosure forms for 2011. The forms were due two months ago, but many late filers are taking advantage of the grace period.

More than 1,200  state officials still haven’t filed their disclosure forms. The fine for missing the deadline is $25 dollars a day. The fine is capped at $1,500.

Dan Krassner is executive director of Integrity Florida, a government watchdog group.

Tampa Police Show Off Newest GOP Convention Tactics

Aug 17, 2012

Tampa Police rolled out their newest tactics today to help keep the peace at the upcoming Republican National Convention. Steve Newborn reports they have learned a few lessons from previous cities that hosted conventions that weren't so peaceful.

A young woman died earlier this week in a parasailing accident off of Pompano Beach.

The 28-year-old was up in the air tandem with her husband when her harness "malfunctioned" and she plunged the equivalent of 20 stories into the ocean.

Following Kathleen Miskell's death, government leaders and lawmakers are calling again for more oversight of the popular industry.