Ron Paul Has Fun With RNC Snub

Aug 28, 2012
Gage Skidmore

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul had a little fun with his exclusion from the Republican National Convention.

At a Tampa rally Sunday, Paul said he got an unexpected call.

"There's been a lot of talk about whether or not I would get to speak at the convention. And of course I had about written than off. But today I got a call from the RNC. And they said they changed their mind and they're going to give me whole hour and I can say whatever I want - tomorrow night."

Of course Monday's Republican National Convention session was canceled over concerns about Tropical Storm Isaac.

Scott Bows Out of RNC as Convention Loses a Day

Aug 26, 2012

It happened in quick succession last night, right after hurricane forecasters suggested Isaac could make landfall in the Panhandle as a Category Two hurricane. Governor Rick Scott was in Plantation, giving an update at the Broward County Emergency operations center. He told reporters,

"I'm going to withdraw from all of my rnc activities on my Monday. I was honored to have the opportunity to give a speech at the convention but I'm going to cancel my speech, cancel all of my rnc activities on Monday."

RNC Protestors Expected to Arrive in Waves

Aug 26, 2012

As many as five thousand protestors are expected to descend on Tampa for the convention next week. The Coalition to March on the RNC held a press conference today to talk about their planned march for Monday. Eric Mennel reports from Tampa.

They call themselves the Coalition to March on the RNC. They plan a parade of thousands Monday, ending up at the public viewing area within earshot of the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

One of the protest organizers is Mick Kelly of Minnesota. He helped organized the 2008 RNC Protest in St. Paul, which was marred by violence between police and handfuls of anarchists. 

Governor Rick Scott Says RNC Cancellation is Hypothetical

Aug 23, 2012

Tropical storm Isaac is churning in the Atlantic.

And weather forecasters have all of South Florida falling within the storm's cone of uncertainty.

That includes Tampa and the Republican National Convention which begins Monday - the same day Isaac may make landfall as a category 1 hurricane or strong tropical storm.

Governor Rick Scott joked with reporters at a media briefing on the storm this morning about what might be affected at the RNC.