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Beefing up Summer School to Stave Off a Summer/COVID Slide

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Concerns that a summer slide could become a Covid freefall has parents and educators worried for how students spend the next couple of months.

According to a study of more than five million students by the Collaborative for Student Growth, that same summer slide already occurred during this past school year thanks to school closures due to outbreaks of Covid, distance learning and less time in a traditional learning environment.

But local school district have beefed up their summer program offerings to help kids lagging behind, and to offer more programs for kids interested in learning over the break. So far, more than 10,000 kids in the School District of Lee County have already signed up to voluntarily attend summer education programs.

We talk with the people who have designed the summer programs in Leeand Colliercounties, and find out how our local kids fared during the last school year.

Dr. Bethany Quisenberry, Director for Elementary Curriculum with the School District of Lee County
Dr. Elizabeth Alves, Executive Director, Teaching & Learning with Collier County Public Schools

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