Travelers get a break when they go to Florida.

A new study finds that three Florida cities tied for the lowest travel taxes in the country.

That’s Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers to be exact.

Traveling in those cities will cost a traveler $22.21 a day in combined taxes.

That’s compared to Chicago where it will cost you more than $40 bucks a day.

Joseph Bates works for the education and research arm of the Global Business Travel Association.

It may take only a little sugar to make candy and cookies tasty treats, but sugar is big business.

This election cycle sugar growers gave more to political campaigns than tobacco companies.

Big Sugar spends big to preserve a complex government program that benefits the industry by boosting the domestic price of the crop.

It costs consumers about 2 billion dollars annually. And in South Florida nearly 700,000 acres are dedicated to growing sugar cane. 

A new survey finds optimism about the economy dipped slightly in the third quarter of the year among Lee County business leaders. 

FPL Makes Case for Rate Hikes

Aug 20, 2012

Florida's largest utility company wants to raise its rates by $690-million dollars a year.

Florida Power and Light will make its case today in a hearing with the Florida Public Service Commission.

FPL argues that it needs to charge customers more to build new power plants in Cape Canaveral, Rivera Beach and Port Everglades.

The utility tried late last week to delay today's hearing so the panel could look into a proposed settlement with groups representing industrial, health care and federal government customers.