Some Florida Democrats had their ears perk when the president addressed voting laws in his inauguration speech. Changing those laws could prove hard.

Ahead of the presidential election Republicans in Florida and across the country put in place new voting laws that critics say were meant to impede voting. 

Scott: Restore Number of Early Voting Days to 14

Jan 17, 2013
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

  Governor Rick Scott says the state should allow supervisors of elections to offer up to fourteen days of early voting.  Scott on Thursday recommended allowing the same number of early voting days as before lawmakers cut them two years ago.

The governor says early voting should take place on the Sunday before Election Day and be offered up to twelve hours a day.

The Florida League of Voters analyzed the 2012 general election to find out why voting lines were so long and totals delays. Today they presented a report that details what went wrong and reforms the League wants lawmakers to adopt.

Professors from Dartmouth and the University of Florida crunched the state voting data and summarized that voting law changes in 2011 contributed to Florida’s election woes.

During a conference call on his analysis, UF political science professor Daniel Smith said reduced early voting days, restricted polling locations, and not allowing voters to update their addresses increased absentee voting.

Scott Leaves Black Lawmakers Frustrated

Jan 16, 2013

Governor Rick Scott met with black lawmakers Tuesday in a wide-ranging discussion that sometimes grew contentious.

He also said he "didn't have anything to do with passing" the 2011 election bill that cut voting days in Florida, although Scott signed the bill and his administration successfully defended it in court.

State Senator Arthenia Joyner, a Tampa Democrat, was frustrated by the meeting.

County elections supervisors Monday spoke before a state Senate panel on Florida's voting problems in 2012.

Some supervisors want more accountability for the vendors who supply ballots and voting equipment.