As the summer sun beats down on Florida, a big yellow RV designed to diagnose and treat skin cancer will be roaming the streets.

A Tampa Company has received approval to start clinical trials on a new form of gene therapy to treat cancerous tumors.

At the border between Brevard and Orange counties, a line of fire trucks with their lights on greet Tom “Bull” Hill as a hero when he arrives to walk across the county.

New Cap Improves Survival Rates In Glioblastoma Patients

Feb 26, 2018

Doctors in Florida are using a special skull cap called Optune and electricity to treat patients with an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. Optune uses low intensity, electric current to slow the growth of rapidly multiplying cancer cells.

Rachel Iacovone / WGCU

There are some world-renowned cancer research facilities in the state of Florida — the Moffitt Center and the Mayo Clinic to name a couple — but until now, Southwest Florida went without such a program.