Republican Joe Negron was sworn in as the new President of the Florida Senate last month and he recently laid out his priorities for education in the state. That includes more money for higher education and boosting the reputation of Florida's universities.

Photo: Ian Kirk via Wikimedia Commons

As the holiday break approaches for schools in Southwest Florida, parents face the opportunity—and challenge—of deciding how to structure their child's time during the break.

When Mayade Ersoff got her annual evaluation in late November, the veteran teacher barely made it over the threshold needed to be considered effective. Her score was dragged down by a portion of the evaluation based on her students’ standardized test scores in English Language Arts.


Gov. Scott Huddles With University Trustees On Improvements

Nov 23, 2016

Looking to improve the quality of Florida's universities while keeping costs low, Gov. Rick Scott held a three-hour meeting and luncheon Monday with chairmen of the boards of trustees from each of Florida's 12 universities.

While pointing out increases in state funding over the past half-dozen years, Scott called on the trustees to improve performance on issues like graduation rates and job placement, while emphasizing universities can do a better job of controlling costs.

It’s lunchtime at Jacksonville’s Lee High School, and Principal Scott Schneider walks down the school’s math hall. He says Lee has had its share of teacher vacancies.