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Una serie de protestas violentas comenzaron en Nicaragua la semana pasada. La censura de la prensa ha dejado algunos en el pais cruzando las fronteras por el Internet para difundir el mensaje.


As of this week, the United States is halfway through Hispanic Heritage Month.

The month is the expected 30 days long but runs between two months — from mid-September to mid-October.

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Multiple immigrant advocacy organizations say the Collier County Sheriff’s Office is not equipped to help people who do not speak English. Four organizations filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice against the law enforcement agency, saying it violated Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The groups complaining include Florida Language Access Coalition, Valdes Civil and Human Rights Foundation, Farmworker Association of Florida, and Coalition of Immokalee Workers.  The complaint stems from an incident earlier this year when a sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a Hispanic man who did not speak English.

Most of the students at Royal Palm Elementary in Miami have Spanish-speaking families.

But those families also want their kids to speak – and read and write – more Spanish in school.

So teacher Alexandra Martin is leading her first grade class through “Vamos Papa,” with each child reading a passage from the Spanish language story. Martin helps students through proper pronunciation and words they stumble on.

This is the Miami-Dade public schools’ extended foreign language program, or EFL

Fifty years ago one school in Miami set out to teach all of its students in both English and Spanish. It was the first public school in the country to try this and the program was only supposed to last a few years.

But that school has been at the vanguard of bilingual education for half-a-century. It's called dual immersion.

Robert Linquanti is a researcher who has studied bilingual education for almost 25 years. He calls the dual immersion system at Coral Way "a Ferrari model."

Linquanti says that for a bilingual program to thrive, you've got to have teachers who are strong academically, as well as linguistically.