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Slavery Memorial Bill Passes Florida House

The Florida House passed a measure calling for the state to create a slavery memorial. Bill sponsor Democratic Rep. Kionne McGhee said he’s hopeful Senate will agree to hear it on the floor.

“I know there were some individuals in the past who made an attempt to do the same thing," he said. "And I know there are individuals out there who are calling for us to wait. But, true to form and in line with our founding principles, the time is now.”

Credit Mark Foley via FL House website / Florida House of Representatives

But some members of Senate are not as enthusiastic about the proposal. Republican Sen. Dennis Baxley said the idea of remembering slavery is too negative. He declined to bring the Senate version of the bill for a vote in his committee.

McGhee said the memorial on the Capitol Complex will recognize the injustice and brutality of slavery.

“I can tell you the majority of the folks I’ve spoken with and the people, both black and white, Hispanic and Asian, Republicans and Independents are calling for this, including our good friends on the Republican side who have co-sponsored this bill,” he said.

Apologizing for past wrongs has been a theme this session.

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