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Nelson Unlikely To Run For Governor? Just As Well, Many Say

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Close supporters of U-S Senator Bill Nelson are believed to be urging him to consider running for governor against Republican Rick Scott next year. That would set up a primary against former Governor and brand-new Democrat Charlie Crist, as well as former state senator Nan Rich.

The popular three-term senator has repeatedly said he's not interested in being governor. And, according to Miami Herald political writer Marc Caputo, that's just as well: He says the only thing worse for Democrats than Nelson losing the election is Nelson winning the election."Understand he's a sitting US senator. If he happens to run for governor and win and become governor, under current law, he'd be allowed to appoint his own successor", Caputo explained. "The problem is the republicans control the Florida legislature and they're not going to let him do that. You could probably take that to the bank."

Caputo says that's because legislative Republicans would probably write a new law forcing Nelson to resign his Senate seat to run for governor, and then require an election to seat the new senator - an election a Democrat would be unlikely to win.

Many believe that if Nelson were to become governor, he'd want to appoint his longtime protégé - Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz - to replace him.