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Emily Bronzini

Thursday 8/1 @8pm, Saturday 8/3 @10pm & Sunday 8/4 @3pm

Emily Bronzini was inspired to start writing her own songs by the 2008 movie “Camp Rock”.  She plays guitar and piano, both self-taught, and would like to play banjo. The 16-year-old has only been performing in public for about a year but has already started forming a band. “Most of my songs are about love but I’ve never been in a relationship so it’s not about boys,” said Bronzini. “I don’t sing about my experiences but I guess my friends go through relationships and breakups and they really help me. They come to me for advice.” 

She said she is inspired by Taylor Swift, Darryl Hall of Hall and Oats and The Beatles. And Emily Bronzini’ s guitar, she said, is named after Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.  She dreams of selling out Madison Square Garden. Coming up though, she’ll perform at South Street Restaurant in Naples on August 5th