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Detzner Says Voters Approve His Efforts at Purging Ineligibles from the Rolls

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detnzer says he's committed to removing non-eligible voters from the rolls in Florida. Detzner traveled the state earlier this month trying to get county elections supervisors to go along with his new plan, which he has dubbed "Project Integrity."

He says access to a better federal database will make the voter purge list much more accurate than last year's. He also says voters agree with his efforts.

"I hear consistently, 100% of the time, from voters that they don’t want individuals on our voter rolls that are ineligible and have their vote negated", Detnzer said.

Florida Democrats say the effort is just an attempt to suppress minority votes by a political appointee of Governor Rick Scott, who is up for re-election in 2014. There is no timetable for the new purge to begin.

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