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Gulf Seafood and the Marine Environment Three Years after the BP Oil Spill

SkyTruth via Flickr

From April 20 through July 15, 2010, 200 million gallons of black crude oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico from a broken well on the ocean floor.  The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill marked the worst disaster of its kind in U.S. history.  Now, three years later, officials with theFlorida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said their screening efforts for contamination show Gulf seafood is safe to eat. 

Although the most visible impacts of the spill have all but disappeared, other research into the long-term impacts of the oil spill on fish populations and the marine ecosystem indicate we’re far from being out of the woods and that there’s a great deal we still don’t know about the long-term impacts of the spill on marine life.