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Drivers Will Soon Use Smart Phones to Show Proof of Insurance

Neerav Bhatt via Flickr

Florida is ready to join two-dozen other states that allow drivers to use 21st century technology to prove they have insurance. The change means no more digging through your glove box for a piece of paper. Drivers will soon use their smart phone or other electronic device to prove they have car insurance during traffic stops. 

Failing to show proof of insurance in Miami-Dade County, for example, brings a $129 ticket. It drops to $10 if proof is provided within 30 days that the driver had insurance at the time of the citation.Florida lawmakers passed legislation last spring to let drivers use digital devices to prove they have coverage. Now, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is starting an effort to let the public know about the new policy. It should be in place by January.

The change will enable drivers to prove they have insurance even when they’re driving someone else’s vehicle.