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Nursing Homes get Gold Seal Award


We've heard a lot about problems with Florida's long-term care industry. WLRN and the Miami Herald have reported on issues with the state's assisted living facilities. But they're not all bad.

The Governor’s Gold Seal Award is given to nursing homes that demonstrate excellence in providing care. Marie Cowart chairs the panel that nominates facilities for the award.“I think we have a lot more good facilities than we have facilities that are needing a lot of improvement", Cowart said. "We have over 600 nursing homes and we have 20 Gold Seals, so I think there’s more than that who could participate in the process.”

While the Gold Seal panel honors facilities that exceed expectations, Cowart says a review process is in place to catch the bad ones.

"The nursing home industry is probably reviewed more than many other healthcare facilities in our country and it’s probably the most regulated", said Cowart, "hospitals and nursing homes.”

The panel makes recommendations to the governor, who decides which facilities get the award. Four facilities in South Florida have the Gold Seal.