Allison Serraes - “The Way She Plays”

Mar 25, 2014

This month’s “Versed in Florida” poet is Allison Serraes. She’s a graduate student studying English literature at Florida Gulf Coast University. She also plays a bit of ukulele.

The Way She Plays Ramona plays her ukulele in an antique electric chair:  Nylon vibrates under cool hands like lightning                strumming keys on kites like finger-picking                 sonofusionlike palms                on plasma lamps— like electric. Ukulele, ukulele,                thick and cottony in the throat like yucca. Booming into the                soundbox of the sky. Ukulele, ukulele, Leilani,                 luna, luminous— electric eel, lanikai, kilowatts under water                like blow-dryers in a bathtub bubbling tides                waxing and waning lanikai, lanikai,                undercurrent,                               wave current wavelength,                lambda equals velocity over frequency, amplitudes and                oscillating acoustics humming over humps                 and plucked into atmospheric electrostatic discharge. Fluid ukulele,                of hands,                               of islands,                                              of mahogany, mahalo, hula-hula dancing,                medulla oblongata of breathing and blood pressure                ebbing and flowing, of lobes,                of stems,                               of auditory cortices,                                              of charged neurons— electric.