New Polling Predicts Tough Re-Election For Three Florida Congressmen

Oct 8, 2013

Even though the shutdown was spurred by congressmen representing solidly-Republican districts, new numbers from Public Policy Polling show their Republican colleagues in swing districts nationwide could be in trouble come re-election.

In Florida, Republican Reps. Steve Southerland, Daniel Webster and Bill Young are all trailing behind Democrats, according to this latest poll.

Tom Jensen, one of the pollsters with the left-leaning Public Policy Polling group, said those numbers are part of a larger national trend that could jeopardize the GOP’s control of the U.S. House.

“This is something that is really putting a lot of seats in play for next year,” he said. “Democrats need to win 17 seats to win back the House and here we have 17 districts where they have the lead right now.”

Another pollster, Celinda Lake, says whether or not these numbers will hold until November 2014, depends on a lot of factors. But for now, she said, the shutdown is shifting public opinion in the Democrats’ favor.

“The shutdown has energized Democrats, moved independents and also affected the attitudes of women and seniors and these are the key decisive voters in the 2014 election,” Lake said.

Polling shows both Democrats and Independents are opposed to the federal government’s partial shutdown. Republican voters are divided on the issue.

The polling was paid for by Move On, which is a liberal political group. The Republican Party of Florida had no comment.